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Tech Olympics Events and Rules:

The Northwest section of USITT invites you to participate in the annual Technical Olympics!  The Tech Olympics are designed to test and show the abilities of technical students from Region VII.  Teams of five students are encouraged to compete for their school’s glory and the perpetual trophy.  Events are available for carpenters, costumers, stage managers, and electricians.  Participation can be on an individual or team basis.  Each school that wishes to build a team should include a carpenter, a costumer, a stage manager, and an electrician. 

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Events will be:

Quick Change 
Task: Correctly dress an actor in a period costume.
Condition: Given an actor and a variety of costume pieces.
Standard:  The costume changes year to year and therefore the participant must be prepared to change the actor into any arrangement of clothing. THIS YEAR WE HAVE MENSWARE.

Tape a Floor Plan
Task: Accurately tape out a floor plan in full scale.
Condition:  With the help of a silent assistant and given a floor plan, scale rule, pencil, two tape measures, spike tape, and designated area.
Standard:  In under five minutes, tape out a given section of floor plan in a designated 4’x8’ area to within a 1” margin of error.  Contestants will be timed up to five minutes. The floor plan may consists of elements such as; wall a, wall b, wall c, door, door swing, step, or window.

Hang and Focus 
Task: Hang and focus a lighting instrument with both a gel and gobo.
Condition: Given a wrench, instrument with safety cable, gel and frame, gobo and holder, cable, tripod or boom, and marked area on the wall.
Standard: Contestants will perform the following tasks; hang the instrument on the pipe. engage the safety wire, tighten the  unit, focus instrument – the beams must be on the inside edges of the tape target, tighten all clamps and screws, drop gel into holder, place gobo in holder, and drop gobo in slot.

Sound System Event
Task: Set up a sound system that can play back a sound and able has a fully functional microphone.
Condition: Given a variety of functioning components and all necessary cables.
Standard: Contestants will set up a mixing board and amp (or powered speakers), connect speakers to the amp/mixer, connect the CD player or laptop to the mixer, play a sound effect from the CD player or laptop, connect the microphone to the mixer, and test the microphone.

Knot Tying
Task: Tie five knots (bowline, clove hitch, sheet bend, sheepshank, and Sunday/prusik)
Condition:  Given seven length of rope and an object to tie around.
Standard: Contestants will tie and dress all proscribed knots consistent with the illustrations in the Paul Carter’s Backstage Handbook in the fastest time. The bowline will be tied around a closed object (like a yolk, pipe, or pear ring). The clove hitch will be tied to a pipe. The Sunday will be tied to a length of oversized line with a fiber rope sling.

Thimble and Crosby Event
Task: Correctly terminate the end of a length of 1/8” wire rope utilizing a thimble and wire rope clips.
Condition:  Given a length of wire rope, thimble, two wire rope clips, nut driver, tape measure, and Crosby User’s Guide Theatrical Stage Rigging.
Standard: Contestants will be timed to correctly terminate the end of a piece of wire rope. Clips will be connected on the wire rope in the proper order, proper direction, and with the proper turnback length, as outlined in Paul Carter’s Backstage Handbook and the Crosby User’s Guide Theatrical Stage Rigging

Start gathering your teams and honing your skills now!  Sign-up will be online this year. Follow the links below! Good luck!

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